1st Post - What we've been up to

As it's frowned upon to post too much detail on social media, this seems to be the place I can do that! So I'm just giving you guys a quick update on what we're up to this year.

I (Luc) got married to my lovely wife (and her cat) in January and we bought a townhouse in Saskatoon, not far from the Johner acreage. I've been dedicating most of my time to songwriting and not a whole lot else. I'm trying to manage this website a bit better now and I've enjoyed it so far. I've been teaching some piano lessons on the side and am trying to give my students the practical approach to piano/singing that I wish I had as a kid.

Simon pretty much only leaves the studio (Beez Neez Recording) to use the bathroom and eat (and sometimes he forgets about the second one). He's got a handful of clients now which has let him drop his Bike Doctor shifts down to almost nothing. His doors are always open and while he's still finishing up his website, you can shoot him an email at simon@beezneezrecording.com.

Quinn has been working as an educational assistant since September and loves it. When he's not working, he's holed up in the basement with his girlfriend (Fender Stratocaster).

Jesse, as some of you may know, has been gone since December. He was at bible school/mission formation in Kona, Hawaii for three months. We were lucky to have him come back for three days for the wedding. I practically made him my best man so he would come home. After Hawaii was over, him and a few others went to Poipet, Cambodia for 9 months. He's teaching english and working with the youth and although it's tough, he's having a blast. He'll be home in December (unless he becomes an uncle I bet) and we can't wait to have our drummer back.

Even though we don't have our star drummer with us this year, that's not stopping us from playing at all. We know a few great guys who can fill his spot!

I hope I can stay motivated to do this more often!